Assets to buy during high inflation
Which Assets Should You Buy During High Inflation?
Few things are as terrifying as inflation. It eats away the value of your savings, and it’s currently making life difficult for most people. Worst of all, it could even reduce your investments to...
Python For Finance
How to Use Python to Build a Cash Flow Model?
Python is excellent for building complex financial models. The language can form recursive functions, unlike spreadsheets like Ms. Excel. You also get version control and peer review with a Python cash...
Blockchain & Supply Chain
How to Use Blockchain to Make Your Supply Chain More Efficient?
When most people think of blockchain, they think about cryptocurrencies. That’s understandable since cryptocurrencies are the best application of blockchain. But this technology has many other applications,...
HR Manager Goals
5 HR Manager Goals and Objectives for 2023
As a human resource manager, you ensure your organization has the best talent. And that’s no easy job. You’re responsible for keeping your employees engaged, productive, and retained. You also...
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